Why I use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Couple Playing AroundThrough my years of training I have studied numerous types of therapy, but none so far have impressed me as much as Emotionally Focused Therapy, also known as EFT.

EFT is a proven  and effective treatment for couples and families, who are experiencing distress. If you are in a relationship that keeps getting stuck in the same old pattern over and over again, EFT can help stop that pattern. EFT uses techniques which help couples restructure the negative relationship cues that keep you stuck. Destructive, self-reinforcing patterns are eliminated and replaced with new, positive cycles of interaction. This creates the framework necessary to rebuild bonds and foster a secure, loving relationship

Not only is EFT respected as a model in the field of couples therapy, but so is its co-founder, Dr. Susan Johnson, who is an award-winning psychologist. In the 1980’s, together with Dr. Les Greenberg, Dr. Johnson developed EFT. EFT has a 76% recovery rate validated through numerous research trials. Research shows that no other type of therapy has been able to do that with couples. Prior to EFT the best recovery rate with available theories was approximately 30%.  With 76% success rates, EFT is by far my choice for treating hurting couples.

I’ve seen EFT work; there is hope.

By Lu Ann Ahrens Marriage & Couples Counseling, San Bernardino County