Kharvena Moss, LMFT

License No. and State: 91939 California

Marriage Counseling Riverside California
I consider it a privilege to walk alongside my clients who have decided to make the commitment to work towards positive change in their lives. My hope is to join you in the process to encourage you towards restoration and healing. I consider myself a person who is committed and I am ready to journey with you on this endeavor to increase your well being.

I have experience working with children, individuals, couples, and families of all ages and backgrounds. I have extensive experience working with children and adolescents. I also have a passion for individuals and families in law enforcement and desire to provide support and aide in strengthening the family unit.

I believe in the process of therapy and will work to serve you using therapeutic modalities and techniques that are unique to your specific need. I desire to work with you to bring healing and hope that will propel you towards personal success. I look forward to meeting you.


Kerry McCoy, MS, LMFT

License No. and State: 86376 California

Marriage Counseling Riverside California
I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with a Master of Science Degree from Cal State University San Bernardino. I absolutely love the profession I have chosen for my life’s work! I have been blessed with the ability to relate, on a deeply personal level, with people I meet, and through much mentoring and study I believe I can make a positive difference in your life.

Seeking therapy is a most courageous act, it takes a special courage to allow yourself the freedom to share your life story. Having counseled many different types of trauma victims throughout my internship, I feel a special kinship with people who have suffered pain. I believe this has given me a better insight for the therapy necessary to help seek a resolution of your hopes, fears, and dreams of a contented life.

I believe in being open and authentic with my clients. I specialize in working with those deep-rooted, painful issues that we tend to avoid. Those painful experiences endured in life can have a significant impact on ourselves and relationships with others.